JTAG setup for Pirelli DP-L10

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Steve Markgraf steve at steve-m.de
Sat Jul 27 22:30:01 UTC 2013


On 27.07.2013 20:15, ubuntugirl wrote:
> Now while I have your attention... I'm trying to gain a better
> understanding of the display subsystem on this phone - maybe even get
> the camera to work (dreaming). I wonder, has anyone been able to find
> a datasheet or other docs for the SPCA552E chip? The code that's
> currently in git implements a combined driver for the S6B33B1X and
> this Sunplus chip; the datasheet for the S6B33B1X was readily findable
> via Google, but not the other chip.
> If no one ever succeeded in finding any docs for the SPCA552E, I
> wonder where the comments on lines 110-123 of
> src/target/firmware/fb/fb_s6b33b1x.c came from...

Unfortunately there's only a datasheet of the SPCA554 floating around,
just search for "SPCA554AV02".

I reverse engineered most of the stuff in this driver via JTAG with
OpenOCD by setting data watchpoints/breakpoints on the address of the
The comments were added by looking up the writes in the datasheet
mentioned above and trying to understand what happens, but
unfortunately the SPCA552 and 554 seem to have quite a few differences,
so not everything could be figured out.
At least it was enough information to get the bypass mode working,
which was my main goal.

Since the SPCA has an integrated 8051 core, you probably need to upload
proprietary code to get the camera working, or you have to rewrite the
firmware for this chip as well...

Same thing with the WiFi-chip unfortunately, it needs a proprietary
firmware blob.


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