Pirelli DP-L10 display subsystem (was Re: JTAG setup for Pirelli DP-L10)

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ubuntugirl ubuntugirl2013 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 07:20:59 UTC 2013

On 7/27/13, Steve Markgraf <steve at steve-m.de> wrote:
> Unfortunately there's only a datasheet of the SPCA554 floating around,
> just search for "SPCA554AV02".

Found it, thanks.

> unfortunately the SPCA552 and 554 seem to have quite a few differences,
> so not everything could be figured out.

Yeah, the differences do seem big indeed. While I was searching around
for an SPCA552E datasheet, I found this:


On page 12 of that schematic there's our lovely Sunplus chip. Of
course it's a totally different phone, but at least we can see what
are the pin interfaces coming off this chip.

In the above schematic, we see that SPCA552E connects to just the host
CPU, the LCM and the camera - no frills. But the 554 datasheet you've
found describes a much more complex device - adds USB, audio, mass

> At least it was enough information to get the bypass mode working,
> which was my main goal.

Were you ever able to figure out just how the backlight works on this
display? Your code has a comment about a particular register in the
SPCA supposedly turning the BL on or off, but looking at the pin
interfaces of this SPCA in the Nokia schematic, I don't see anything
even remotely related to the backlight... Yet the original firmware is
able to not only turn this BL on and off at will, but also change the
brightness - during calls, the display dims instead of blanking

On a related note, were you ever able to figure out the pinout of the
30-pin flex between the main PCB and the LCM? If this pinout were
known, I could probably trace out the stuff of interest to me (like
the backlight) on the main PCB using your layer pictures, but if I
have to reverse-eng the LCM itself, that might be a bit above my skill
level. :(

> Since the SPCA has an integrated 8051 core, you probably need to upload
> proprietary code to get the camera working, or you have to rewrite the
> firmware for this chip as well...

Bummer. But just out of curiosity, how did you figure out that it's an
8051? Did you see the original phone fw pushing something to the SPCA
that looked like 8051 instructions?

FWIW, the 554 datasheet describes its CPU as a "32-bit RISC processor"
- too closed to even name what it is!


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