Diff between TWL3014 and TWL3025

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Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Fri Nov 18 20:51:01 UTC 2011

Steve Markgraf <steve at steve-m.de> wrote:

> Well, some time ago I diffed the TWL3014 and TWL3025 datasheets,

Where did you find the TWL3025 datasheet?  Wading through 52rd.com, or
is there some other source I'm unaware of?

> there is no technical difference at all (only 3014 replaced with 3025,
> and some minor formatting changes).
> [...]
> I suspect that TI renamed
> the chip because of some changes in the manufacturing process.

Hmm, interesting.

> Given that both chips work fine with osmocom (with the same revision of
> DSP rom code on the Calypso side of things),

What OsmocomBB-supported phones use TWL3014?

Sylvain Munaut <246tnt at gmail.com> wrote:

> > supposedly called Syren rather than Iota and supports EDGE modulation.
> No it doesn't.
> [...]
> > Is it a Iota variant or a Syren variant?
> I think they're all called "Iota" that's a generic designation for the ABB.

I believe that the codenames refer to specific generations for each
function, rather than to functions like DBB/ABB/RF.  For example, it
seems that Calypso succeeded Hercules in the DBB role, and Rita
succeeded Clara in the RF role.

I remember seeing somewhere that Iota's successor was/is Syren,
whereas its predecessor in the ABB role was Nausica.  But if TWL3016
and TWL3025 are both Iotas, which chip is then Syren?  Does anyone


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