Diff between TWL3014 and TWL3025

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Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 19:47:40 UTC 2011

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 8:21 PM, Michael Sokolov
<msokolov at ivan.harhan.org> wrote:
> Hello GSM BB hackers,
> I wonder, would anyone here happen to know what are the main diffs
> between the TWL3014 and TWL3025 ABB chips?

Not much ... For our purposes they're identical.

> Hence me wondering if anyone here knows what the actual differences
> are...
> I also recall seeing somewhere (don't remember where) that Iota
> strictly means TWL3014, and that its successor (TWL3016?) is
> supposedly called Syren rather than Iota and supports EDGE modulation.

No it doesn't.

> If that is true, where does the TWL3025 fit into that picture then?
> Is it a Iota variant or a Syren variant?

I think they're all called "Iota" that's a generic designation for the ABB.

>  It ought to be newer than TWL3016, right?

It is.

>  Does that mean it ought to support EDGE?

No it doesn't ... because the 3016 doesn't. Nor does the 3029 either.

> If so, what
> stands in the way of EDGE support in phones like GTA02 that use the
> TWL3025 ABB?  Lack of Calypso DSP support?  Or an RF front-end that
> isn't compatible with EDGE modulation?

Missing DSP support and missing ABB support.



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