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Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at versatel.de
Wed May 12 12:58:36 UTC 2010

i like to give a short update:
currently i am testing the processes of selecting a cell and the
network. the processes depend on the coverage, the sim card (network,
inserted or not) and the mode (manual or automatic network selection). i
hope i will finish this week.
to configure mode and sim card and other parameters in the future, i use
the VTY, you already know from the OpenBSC project. there you can get
informations about the subscriber, the mobile station and the received
cells (system informations).
i will move all hacked parameters (test sim) to VTY config file. manual
network selection mode requires reaction of the user, so it will also be
added to the VTY. later the VTY can also command the "call" part to
dial, answer and hangup a call.
my idea: later these VTY command structure may be used for the phone's
menu (up - down - enter - escape), if compiled appropiate. also: if
layer 3 is running on the phone, the serial port could directly connect
to the VTY, so the phone gets a console interface for debugging and
faster configuration.
currently the process (with sim card) ends while trying to do a location
update. if the given channel is not supported, the program exits. to
prevent this, just keep radio TX feature disable. the cell will be
re-selected again and again (hopefully if the process works correct).
sometimes, especially at the first run, the radio process stops. (no
results for measurements, no sync to selected frequency.) 
also there is something i am wondering: calibration especially for the
burst signal phase is measured and then stored on the eeprom by the
manufacturer. do we use it? or do we need to do our own calibration?
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