dexter zero-kelvin at
Fri May 14 08:17:21 UTC 2010

Hi All.

> So instead of reinventing a wheel that will look like this, why not
> implement a simplified version of this spec? we only have to implement
> the messages  required for our needs.

I think that does not help us much. We need a layer that abstracts the 
SIM functions to atomic high level functions so that different processes 
can access the sim randomly (This is not my idea that was haralds idea ;-)

As i can see the SAP is hooked to the low level APDU interface. Is there 
any way to arbitrate the requests? What is when someone from outside 
selects a file while the mobile already has selected a file and is about 
to do a read binary for example?

Anyway. I have not the time to read and understand the entire SAP spec. 
If you think that SAP works better for us you are free to continue the 
work instead of me. I will then concentrate on the SIM driver itsselef - 
there is much work left to do there and the low level stuff is more that 
what i am experienced with.

Currently we have an APDU interface to the sim. You can send APDUs to 
the sim and you get the answer and status word back. T=0 protocol is 
fully implemented.


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