AW: AW: Osmoloader stored in Flash?

Rust, Marco marco.rust at
Mon May 3 17:17:59 UTC 2010

>well, at first: the "-m romload"-switch is only intended for phones 
>which use the TI Romloader (which the Compal phones don't, and is called 
>"Romloader" because its stored in the maskrom of the Calypso).

I thought both modes are supported.

> > When I run  the loader with "osmcon --m c123xor" the loader starts but 
> > says "Failed to initialize flash".

>This is basically the right approach, but the support for running 
>applications from flash is still under development. Ingo had it already 
>working as far as I know, but it still needs some work to be usable for 
>the public.

>Did you use the flash unlock command first, before trying to write to it?

The message is shown at start of osmoload.

it looks like the "cfi_algo enumeration" makes trouble at line 518 in cfi-flash.c

        if(qry.p_id != CFI_ALGO_INTEL_3) {
                /* we only support algo 3 */
	                return -ENOTSUP;

I am not sure but I commented out everything in flash_init() function and finally remove the comments again one after another.
At line 518 the result is'nt 0 anymore.
Is that flash not supported?
It is hard to debug further because no printf() or puts() are possible in cfi-flash.c


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