AW: Osmoloader stored in Flash?

Steve Markgraf steve at
Mon May 3 15:29:28 UTC 2010


well, at first: the "-m romload"-switch is only intended for phones 
which use the TI Romloader (which the Compal phones don't, and is called 
"Romloader" because its stored in the maskrom of the Calypso).

Rust, Marco wrote:

 > When I run  the loader with "osmcon --m c123xor" the loader starts but 
 > says "Failed to initialize flash".

This is basically the right approach, but the support for running 
applications from flash is still under development. Ingo had it already 
working as far as I know, but it still needs some work to be usable for 
the public.

Did you use the flash unlock command first, before trying to write to it?


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