PCU sends invalid block number to L1

Holger Freyther holger at freyther.de
Mon May 2 19:40:33 UTC 2016

> On 02 May 2016, at 15:32, Minh-Quang Nguyen <minh-quang.nguyen at nutaq.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> We have noticed that the PCU sends invalid block number to L1 in DSP leading to unexpected message warning in DSP “GsmL1_PhDataReq(1) : Unexpected burst (Invalid blockNumber) [2!=1, SAPI 21-21]]”.
> After an investigation, we observe that the ‘pcu_rx_rts_req’ function in pcu_l1_if.cpp receives invalid block number from BTS.
> Looking at the BTS side, the calculation of L1SAP_FN2PTCCHBLOCK defined as ‘#define L1SAP_FN2PTCCHBLOCK(fn) ((fn / 52) & 7)’ does not seem to be valid for expected PTCCH block numbers B0, B1,B2,B3 defined in Table 6 in TS 05.02 version 8.11.0.

How do you execute the PCU? By opening the PDCH queue directly or by getting all information from the BTS?


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