Calypso BTS (C140) and Osmo BTS

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Tue Feb 23 07:32:54 UTC 2016


> Can we still use osmocomBB phones (C140,C139..) with Osmo-BTS project?


I use transceiver  program from *jolly/testing* branch and
> firmware in compal_86 ( trx.highram.bin ) from  *sylvian/testing* branch,
> all from osmocomBB.
Stop doing this mix. The firmware from one branch you use incompatible with
host software form another. Use one branch only!
It looks like you have a new toolchain "". The firmware
images from this branches works better if it's compiled with older
toolchain version.
Try to use

I know that Calypso BTS support only one timeslot.
Using two phones you will be able to serve two timeslots.

Follow this guide I recently wrote: is

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