sylvain/testing: apps/trx/trx.c: inttypes.h:No such file or directory

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Sat Jan 19 12:28:46 UTC 2013


> Master branch builds fine on backtrack 5 r2  and so did also Sylvain/testing
> earlier.

Yes, the file with that include is newly added.

> I tested and removed inttypes.h in trx/trx.c. Recompiling gives an error
> message about parse error before debug-message PRIu32 on line 69 in
> trx/trx.c.

PRIu32 is AFAIK the proper way of printing a uint32_t without
generating a warning and without making assumptions about the

inttypes.h is a standard C99 header file, if you distribution doesn't
have it, I would suggest reporting the bug to them.

> I tested replacing #include <inttypes.h>  by the abovein trx.c also but it
> didn't work.

It wont's stdint.h is a subset of inttype.h  so you could replace
stdint.h by inttype.h but not the other way around.



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