sylvain/testing: apps/trx/trx.c: inttypes.h:No such file or directory

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Sat Jan 19 13:18:15 UTC 2013

>> I tested and removed inttypes.h in trx/trx.c. Recompiling gives an error
>> message about parse error before debug-message PRIu32 on line 69 in
>> trx/trx.c.
> PRIu32 is AFAIK the proper way of printing a uint32_t without
> generating a warning and without making assumptions about the
> platform.
> inttypes.h is a standard C99 header file, if you distribution doesn't
> have it, I would suggest reporting the bug to them.

As was pointed out to me, it's the trx.c file from the firmware and
not the one from the host app, so the bug should go to the cross
toolchain provider I guess.

That printf is definitely not a "key-functionality" so you can just
remote it, however, I would expect that while fixing other GCC
warnings, the use of inttypes.h will rise in the future, so I'd
suggest you get a good toolchain. See for how to build one.



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