asn.1 compilation

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Wed Nov 28 10:55:36 UTC 2012


> I'm having troubles compiling asn.1 files from
> I'm getting syntax error (syntax error at line 264 in module SS-Operations.asn: got
> 'SEQUENCE' expected ':') while running

> Are there any hints on what might be wrong?

Yeah ... there is a syntax error at line 264 :)

> Any advices would be greatly appreciated.

The ASN1 files in the specs are buggy, you need to fix them yourself.

Look at the various ASN1 tree in some
will contain fixed up version of some of the ASN1 files from the spec.
Wireshark also sometimes have fixed up version of the ASN1 files if
they have the corresponding dissector.



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