asn.1 compilation

Max.Suraev at
Wed Nov 28 11:34:11 UTC 2012

28.11.2012 11:55, Sylvain Munaut пишет:
> Hi
>> I'm having troubles compiling asn.1 files from
>> I'm getting syntax error (syntax error at line 264 in module SS-Operations.asn: got
>> 'SEQUENCE' expected ':') while running
>> Are there any hints on what might be wrong?
> Yeah ... there is a syntax error at line 264 :)
Doh! That's what's wrong with GSM industry :)
>> Any advices would be greatly appreciated.
> The ASN1 files in the specs are buggy, you need to fix them yourself.
> Look at the various ASN1 tree in some
> will contain fixed up version of some of the ASN1 files from the spec.
> Wireshark also sometimes have fixed up version of the ASN1 files if
> they have the corresponding dissector.
Sweet - found the right spot:

git clone git://
cd osmo_map/asn1
erlc *.asn


but the rest compiles just fine.

Thank you!

best regards,

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