IMEI numbers, signal strength

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Sun Jul 24 20:52:00 UTC 2011


> That's right for GMSK but it would allow to use other modulations than aren't supported by the DSP like 8-PSK(?), 16-QAM and 32-QAM for EDGE. GNU Radio should have dempdulators for that.

True ... I tought about that myself. but until someone does it for the
USRP first, it's not much use.

> Of course it's more or less useless without having an implementation for GPRS first.

Have a look at the CCC camp talks :)

> Beside the coolness of using these devices as a frontend for GNU Radio. :-)

Well capturing a continuous stream of IQ sample (vs a burst) would be
pretty hard ...
Besides 2 * 16 * 270833 is a lot of data ... about 10 times more than
you can send through the serial port so getting them out the DSP into
the ARM is only half (ok, make 3/4) of the problem.



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