IMEI numbers, signal strength

mad mad at
Sun Jul 24 21:20:42 UTC 2011

> > Of course it's more or less useless without having an implementation for
> GPRS first.
> Have a look at the CCC camp talks :)

Ahhh ok, I will. Sadly I won't make it there in person.

> > Beside the coolness of using these devices as a frontend for GNU Radio.
> :-)
> Well capturing a continuous stream of IQ sample (vs a burst) would be
> pretty hard ...
> Besides 2 * 16 * 270833 is a lot of data ... about 10 times more than
> you can send through the serial port so getting them out the DSP into
> the ARM is only half (ok, make 3/4) of the problem.

That is quite much indeed. Perhaps some delta encoding and compression on the serial line would do the job if the ARM copes with that, too. Or with reduced sample size. 
But at least some timeslots for EGPRS should be possible. 


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