IMEI numbers, signal strength

mad mad at
Sun Jul 24 20:41:12 UTC 2011

> > BTW, it is possible and you haven't done it yet? I'm suprised! ;-D
> Well it's because I think it's not a good idea ...
> The DSP has a very good demodulator, way better than airprobe ... why
> would I bother moving _more_ data out of the DSP to use them with an
> inferior demodulator ...

That's right for GMSK but it would allow to use other modulations than aren't supported by the DSP like 8-PSK(?), 16-QAM and 32-QAM for EDGE. GNU Radio should have dempdulators for that. 

Of course it's more or less useless without having an implementation for GPRS first.
Beside the coolness of using these devices as a frontend for GNU Radio. :-)


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