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Sat Oct 2 12:26:25 UTC 2010

> Hello All,
> And Thank you so much , Mr. Spaar, for your valuable time.
> I'm doing a bit different work then normal phone software developing,
> here my objective is, for my practical,
> TO tune to a particular ARFCN or desired  ARFCN, and then picking the burst
> from TDMA frame, with desired TS.
> something like , assignment message does from BTS  to set it in osmocomBB
> software (or normal MS)
> like
> ARFCN, channel , subchannel , TS, hopping parameter like HSN, MIO and
> sequencing , ciphering, ets.
> I wish to develop a API which can configure my phone by inserting these
> values , but I'm running short on programming skills, also have no idea
> which resister values get change of DSP. also all this i need to done along
> with DSP functionality to fetch TCH burst from specific TS or subchannel ,
> and process it to DBB and produce and  deliver audio / data(by analogue
> modulation)  by its speakers.
> but all without ciphering,
> by doing this i will have fully configurable radio around 35 KM range .
> with amassing prince only @ $5 - 8
> for this filter level adjustment done to receive up link frequency range at
> 900Mh, also used Rita PLL VCO divider table.
> again, can any one tell me the parameter advised by assignment command
> (fromBTS) massage is read by DSP or ARM ,  and how they processed,  also
> which all resistors need to manipulate to do manual configuration
> i think Mr. Spaar have test code which just fix to  a AFRCN and TS , so if
> we need to change these, values  we need to change it in source code and
> burn binary within c123 ram.? but still it will be help   me to understand
> which part he tuched to tune DSP, and received 20 minutes voice call. if i
> can get that test code i will be grateful for the same.
>  >You have to write your one code if you want to do this without
> Signalling <<<<
> .being involved.
> >You can use the L1CTL API to setup a TCH with your own code, but its
> >probably easier to setup the TCH with signalling (either MOC or MTC),
> <<<<<<<<
> >this way you don't need to modify the code and still get the TCH running.
>  Kindly advise me if I'm not irritating you,  what do u mean by signalling
> ? or suggest me some document to learn more about it.
> Thank you ,
> Bien cordialement,
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