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Sat Oct 2 13:22:40 UTC 2010


> I wish to develop a API which can configure my phone by inserting these
> values , but I'm running short on programming skills,

Well you may want to learn to program first. (I don't mean to sound
harsh, but please, _do_ learn the basics first !)
Then learn about how the phone itself works by reading the code, and
then try to hack it to do your bidding.

> by doing this i will have fully configurable radio around 35 KM range . with
> amassing prince only @ $5 - 8

You're a little optimistic. 35km range works because one of the side
(the BTS) is high up above the ground and has a huge antenna. When
both sides are close to the ground with essentially 0dB antenna, it's
not gonna be so great.

Also, your radio won't work where there is no common cell phone
coverage at both location.
For this application you need clock sync between the two mobile.

You're also gonna need to remove the RX filters on one of the phone to
RX in the uplink band. So you need precise soldering skills. (believe
me, I've done it :) Alternatively you could TX in the downlink band,
which require no soldering and doesn't even involve out of spec tuning
since PCS1900 uplin covers part of DCS1800 downlink.

> also which all resistors need to manipulate to do manual configuration

resistors ?

GSM are a little more modern than that ... they don't have tuning
potentiometers ...
They use a VXCO controlled by a DAC and a PLL to select the frequency.

> i think Mr. Spaar have test code which just fix to  a AFRCN and TS , so if

We all have test code to do various stuff, but it's often hacked up
together on the moment we need it and we don't necessarily keep it
around. Tuning to a specific channel is pretty easy. And it's far from
all that needed to turn a GSM into a two way radio.



PS: Could you try not to send your messages twice ?

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