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Sat Oct 2 12:17:45 UTC 2010

Hello All,

And thank you so much , Mr. Spaar, for your valuable time.

I'm doing a bit different work then normal phone software developing,
here my objective is, for my practical,
TO tune to a particular ARFCN or desired  ARFCN, and then picking the burst
from TDMA frame, with desired TS.

something like , assignment message does from BTS  to set it in osmocomBB
ARFCN, channel , subchannel , TS, hopping parameter like HSN, MIO and
sequencing , ciphering, ets.

I wish to develop a API which can configure my phone by inserting these
values , but I'm running short on programming skills, also have no idea
which resister values get change of DSP. also all this i need to done along
with DSP functionality to fetch TCH burst from specific TS or subchannel ,
and process it to DBB and produce and  deliver audio / data(by analogue
modulation)  by its speakers.

but all without ciphering,

by doing this i will have fully configurable radio around 35 KM range . with
amassing prince only @ $5 - 8
for this filter level adjustment done to receive up link frequency range at
900Mh, also used Rita PLL VCO divider table.

again, can any one tell me the parameter advised by assignment command
(fromBTS) massage is read by DSP or ARM ,  and how they processed,  also
which all resistors need to manipulate to do manual configuration
i think Mr. Spaar have test code which just fix to  a AFRCN and TS , so if
we need to change these, values  we need to change it in source code and
burn binary within c123 ram.? but still it will be help   me to understand
which part he tuched to tune DSP, and received 20 minutes voice call. if i
can get that test code i will be grateful for the same.

>You have to write your one code if you want to do this without Signalling
.being involved.

>You can use the L1CTL API to setup a TCH with your own code, but its
>probably easier to setup the TCH with signalling (either MOC or MTC),
>this way you don't need to modify the code and still get the TCH running.

 Kindly advise me if I'm not irritating you,  what do u mean by signalling
? or suggest me some document to learn more about it.

Thank you ,
Bien cordialement,
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