build issues on OSX

Nathan Fain nathan at
Sun Mar 14 11:47:22 UTC 2010

Are the objects included in libcalypso.a supposed to have symbol tables? 
If so, it appears on my system they are not getting built that way.

(recreated libcalypso.a generation step with some cmd flag changes)
$ ar vsru calypso/libcalypso.a calypso/arm.o calypso/clock.o calypso/dma.o
calypso/dsp.o calypso/du.o calypso/i2c.o calypso/irq.o calypso/rtc.o
calypso/spi.o calypso/tpu.o calypso/tsp.o calypso/keypad.o calypso/misc.o
calypso/timer.o calypso/backlight.o calypso/uart.o calypso/uwire.o
ar: creating archive calypso/libcalypso.a
a - calypso/arm.o
a - calypso/clock.o
a - calypso/dma.o
a - calypso/dsp.o
a - calypso/du.o
a - calypso/i2c.o
a - calypso/irq.o
a - calypso/rtc.o
a - calypso/spi.o
a - calypso/tpu.o
a - calypso/tsp.o
a - calypso/keypad.o
a - calypso/misc.o
a - calypso/timer.o
a - calypso/backlight.o
a - calypso/uart.o
a - calypso/uwire.o
ranlib: warning for library: calypso/libcalypso.a the table of contents is
empty (no object file members in the library define global symbols)

The added 's' flag causes the warning and was not included in with the
common make for libcalypso.a.  I added it because the man page says
"Running `ar s' on an archive is equivalent to running `ranlib' on it." and
considering that the error from my previous mail suggested running ranlib,
its just a guess that this might relate.

On Sun, 14 Mar 2010 10:10:41 +0000, Nathan Fain <nat at> wrote:
> Thanks for the nudge.  I had this setup already but first make run i did
> was with a PATH set to a osx installed aclocal and for some reason my
> clean was also dieing. Anyway, rebased the repo and ran make with proper
> PATH.  Now I'm only getting Error 3 mentioned before:
> arm-elf-ld -nostartfiles -nostdlib -nodefaultlibs --gc-sections  -T
> board/common/ -Bstatic -Map
> board/compal_e88/  -o board/compal_e88/hello_world.elf
> --start-group apps/hello_world/main.o
> abb/twl3025.o rf/trf6151.o display/font_r8x8.o display/font_r8x8_horiz.o
> display/st7558.o display/ssd1783.o display/display.o flash/cfi_flash.o
> calypso/libcalypso.a layer1/liblayer1.a lib/libmini.a comm/libcomm.a
> ../../shared/libosmocore/build-target/src/.libs/libosmocore.a
> board/common/rffe_compal_dualband.o board/compal_e88/init.o
> board/compal_e88/board.o --end-group
> calypso/libcalypso.a: could not read symbols: Archive has no index; run
> ranlib to add one
> make[1]: *** [board/compal_e88/hello_world.elf] Error 1
> make: *** [firmware] Error 2
> I have this setup:
> $ /opt/local/bin/aclocal --version
> aclocal (GNU automake) 1.11
> $ pkg-config --version
> 0.23
> $ /opt/local/bin/aclocal --print-ac-dir
> /opt/local/share/aclocal
> $ ls  /opt/local/share/aclocal/pkg.m4 
> /opt/local/share/aclocal/pkg.m4
> Concerning the recommendation to use ranlib... the macport install of
> liblocal doesnt include ranlib support.  liblocal docs say ranlib has
> deprecated with 'liblocal --static'.  I suppose I could find or compile
> version that supports ranlib.  Do we require this?


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