build issues on OSX

Holger Freyther zecke at
Sun Mar 14 11:54:09 UTC 2010

On Sunday 14 March 2010 11:10:41 Nathan Fain wrote:

> Concerning the recommendation to use ranlib... the macport install of
> liblocal doesnt include ranlib support.  liblocal docs say ranlib has been
> deprecated with 'liblocal --static'.  I suppose I could find or compile a
> version that supports ranlib.  Do we require this?

Well, you should use ar, ranlib and such from the toolchain. I'm not sure but 
it might be the case that we accidently use the "ar", "ranlib" from the host 
GNU host and that it magically happens to work.

You will have to look at the line with "ar" and see if arm-*-ar was used and 
if not you will need to patch the Makefile to do so.


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