got Simtrace to compile

ste7an ste7an at
Thu Dec 16 23:03:35 UTC 2010

I ordered a SAM7-P64 board for running Simtrace (received board today, but
still waiting for the REBELSIm connectors). When compiling the code (using
Gnuarm3.4.3) I got two errors:
1) the --g($DEBUGF) option was not understood; omitting this, made the
Makefile (for dfu and main) working
2) in /lib/vsprintf.c I had to add #include <limits.h> in order to prevent
errors related to MAX_INT etc.

Are there any ideas for making a man-in-the-middle SIM device? One master
interface to a real SIM, another slave interface providing a SIM interface
towards a phone with the possibility to filter certain APDU's or to add
files or commands on top of the real SIM. This would need an additional SIM
master interface (to send and receive APDU's to the real SIM) on top of what
already is in SIMtrace and the slave interface should be capable of sending
messaged back to the real SIM master. I will look into it, first starting
with implementing a simple SIM card master on the other UART.
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