got Simtrace to compile

Harald Welte laforge at
Fri Dec 17 07:12:32 UTC 2010

Hi Ste7an,

good to see there are multiple pepole with interest in SIMtrace.

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 12:03:35AM +0100, ste7an wrote:
> I ordered a SAM7-P64 board for running Simtrace (received board today, but
> still waiting for the REBELSIm connectors). When compiling the code (using
> Gnuarm3.4.3) I got two errors:
> 1) the --g($DEBUGF) option was not understood; omitting this, made the
> Makefile (for dfu and main) working
> 2) in /lib/vsprintf.c I had to add #include <limits.h> in order to prevent
> errors related to MAX_INT etc.

those are probably all related to the fact that 

> Are there any ideas for making a man-in-the-middle SIM device? One master
> interface to a real SIM, another slave interface providing a SIM interface
> towards a phone with the possibility to filter certain APDU's or to add
> files or commands on top of the real SIM. 

sure, there are ideas for this.    The easiest way is to implement transmit
support in the SIMtrace firmware + host software and use that implementation as
the 'card emulation' part.  You can then use any pcsc-lite supported card
reader to actually talk to the card, and write some PC software that passes
and filters or even manipulates the APDUs.

> This would need an additional SIM master interface (to send and receive
> APDU's to the real SIM) on top of what already is in SIMtrace and the slave
> interface should be capable of sending messaged back to the real SIM master.
> I will look into it, first starting with implementing a simple SIM card
> master on the other UART.

Implementing the reader side inside the SAM7S (on the other UART) will work,
too - but at the expense of having to write your own card reader firmware.
Depending on where you want to go, simply using an existing USB card reader for
the SIM will be the quicker road to success.

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