Support for the Calypso romloader in osmocon

Steve Markgraf steve at
Mon Apr 5 22:24:15 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I've added support for the Calypso "non-secure" romloader in my branch 

This means we now can execute our code on devices like the Motorola 
W220, the BenQ A38 (which I've used for development), and the OpenMoko 
devices (can anyone try to cross-compile osmocon and see if it works?).

For more information see in the wiki:

I also added a new model switch for the C140 (-m c140), which 
automatically adds the "1003" string in the uploaded binary.

This is meant for use with proms loader, so now you can upload 
loader.ramload.bin on the C139/C140 and J100i, and load the application 
itself with osmoload.


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