update on layer 3 process

Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at versatel.de
Mon Apr 5 15:20:22 UTC 2010

the current state of coding can be seen in the
src/host/gsm48-andreas/README file of GIT. as noted there, the process
of mobility management and call control is completed. this does not mean
that it is compiling and working. als debugging has to be completed. the
next step would be to follow the compiler errors step by step until all
missing and wrong symbols are found and fixed. i will do that later.
also the radio ressource is at a point where i like to start integrating
it into the layer23 application. today i checked out how the system
informations are received and how to send a random access burst. please
check out the issues about that at src/host/gsm48-andreas/issues.txt in
the GIT.
i must note that layer3.c and rslms.c is not needed in my case, since it
is part of gsm48_rr.c
in order to integrate it, i would like to open a new branch, since there
are many other existing files to be expanded. (new structures to header
files... see extra.c and extra.h) there must also be a way to get all
the changes in the master branch merged to the new branch, so i can
react on changes of master branch. i am not that familiar with git, so
is there any advice except cherry-picking all the time? or maybe there
is a better way of doing that?
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