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Adrian Musceac kantooon at
Thu Jan 24 20:12:17 UTC 2019

Hi Joseph,

I'm also a ham and I tried to do some work in this area with GNU radio
and resulted in this:
But the code and build process is a mess because I tried to do too
many things at the same time with too little time.
You might find it useful, but it's not really something production
quality and I'm not very proud of the code. More like a toy really.


On 12/20/18, Joseph Hutchins <jlhutchins at> wrote:
> Hi, after I make the appropriate bandpass filters, I wanted to attach the
> device to an antenna and try some SSB HF, maybe 10 or 20 meter band. I
> noticed there are no SSB examples and so I will need to write the program
> myself.
> I was contacting to ask if there is any reason that the examples use
> standalone binaries to interact with the fresco chip rather than writing a
> library for gnuradio. Did something about gnuradio make the fresco's
> integration with it impractical? Would I be better off proceeding by
> writing a gnuradio block for the Fresco sink or a standalone SSB-tx
> program?
> The novelty of demonstrating that such a cheap setup is feasible really
> appeals to me.
> Thanks,
> Joseph Hutchins

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