Building gr-osmosdr from source fails

Greg Troxel gdt at
Thu Jan 31 13:57:20 UTC 2019

Marcus Müller <marcus.mueller at> writes:

> I must admit I don't know the language version policy for gr-osmosdr,
> but my guess is that setting the C++ standard to C++11 should work;
> however, since we're passing std::string around, and that changed its
> ABI between C++98 and 11, I'd like to recommend that you use the same
> C++ standard as your GNU Radio uses. GNU Radio uses C++11 on the master
> branch, or 98 on the maint-3.7 branch.

It is unfortunate that compilers default to different language
standards.  It seems each program should declare the standards supported
in the README, and the should check that the --std=
argument is acceptable to the compiler and then add it to CXXFLAGS.

(Agreed that one must compile C++ programs with the same --std.  Also,
due to libstdc++ ABI changes, one should use the same compiler for all
programs too.)

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