Distinction between librtlsdr and rtl-sdr repositories

Murat Tologlu mtologlu at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 24 18:49:47 UTC 2016



I appreciate very much to receive your comments on the distinctions between
steve-m/libsrtlsdr and keenerd/rtl-sdr (forked from pinkavaj/rtl-sdr 129
commit ago and maintained).


Both have very similar structure, flies, purpose but the software is not
exactly same. There are something attractive for me in one of them while the
other one is also good. 


İs it possible to create patch from one of them and apply to the other to
merge two repos together?? Why I am asking is, rtl-sdr has a new agc -
aggressive agc option which is useful for me but I prefer to stay on
librtlsdr; is there a solution?


Thanks in advance, 



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