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Magnus Paulsson magnus.paulsson at
Sat Jan 16 11:05:30 UTC 2016

I’ve been playing with a python application to scan, find and record strong signals.
I attached the code with the hope that someone would like to improve it … maybe
put it on sourceforge or github. I will not have time to do anything about it for a few

Works at least with linux … haven’t tried OSX or win.
Needs: numpy, scipy, matplotlib, npyscreen (,
pyrtlsdr ( [use the old release, new code python 3 only])

start with:

python -d (in one window to start database)
python -vr (in one window to start radio scanning)
python -g (in one window to start user interface)

[can be run on different computers as long as you have the same filesystem and stand in the same directory]

in the user interface “f” plots ffts of recorded signals. “1” starts gqrx with the recorded signal.

Best wishes - Magnus

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