Ubuntu+Windows binaries for GNURadio/GrOsmo

Josh Blum josh at joshknows.com
Sun Jan 31 01:36:02 UTC 2016

Hey list,

This is an update and an announcement: Alexandru Csete and I have been 
maintaining an Ubuntu PPA for SDR community software for some time. We 
just updated to GNU Radio 3.7.9 and GrOsmoSDR with RedPitaya support.

The goal of the PPA is to have have recent releases of community 
software (SDR drivers, GNU Radio, and related projects) across several 
versions of Ubuntu. Simply follow the apt-get instructions here:

I figure that a lot of people (both developers and users) can benefit 
from the shared effort. If you find a bug, have a request, or want to 
get involved; please let us know, we would love to hear it: 

On the windows side of things, I am pleased to announce the PothosSDR 
installer/development environment; which now includes around 40 open 
source projects. We just updated to the latest GNURadio/GrOsmoSDR, and 
recently additions include GQRX, gr-rds, and zeromq support.

Instructions for GNURadio/GRC and GQRX users:

Special thanks to Andrew Back and Myriadrf for all of the support and 
hosting the software!


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