AW: rtl-tcp-server running on avm-fritzbox

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I don't know anything about your OS, but look at the 3rd line down in your posted listing:

open("/usr/lib/freetz/", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

It isn't finding the library.  That same message repeats many times throughout your listing.  It's not finding many libraries from looking at it again.  If you're using cmake you can probably fix the paths to libraries in your CMakeCache.txt in the build directory.  If not you might need to set an LDFLAGS in your environment or something.

If the process doesn't have execute permissions on all the directories in the paths it won't find anything either because it can't search there.  Does it work if you run as root?



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I guess there is a permission problem accessing the device. Under normal conditions udev is doing the permission stuff when plugging in the device. I have had once the similar issue for own compiled binary mipsbe for mikrotik and tplink devices. Because of the lack of udev is simply altered the permission after plugging the dongle (something like /dev/dvb/adapter[something]  perms 755)
This made it work afterwards.

Hope this info helps,

Ciao Robert, 73 de oe6rke

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I want to use a rtl-dvb-stick connected to a fritz-box-dsl-router via tcp. Software running on the fritzbox is freetz ( and cpu-architecture is mips. So I created a makefile and compiled the software without errors. But when I start the software (usb-dongle connected) it throws a usb_claim_interface error -5. rtl_test recognizes the type of stick correctly but throws identical error message. So I started rtl_test with strace - here you can find the

Any tipps for solving the problem are welcome ;)

Best regards

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