Issues with rtl_tcp

Simeon Miteff simeon.miteff at
Wed Sep 26 11:26:56 UTC 2012

Hi Scott

On 09/26/12 12:35, Scott Cutler wrote:
> Slight correction/clarification to the below: obviously, I am not
> calling rtlsdr_set_center_freq when using rtl_tcp.exe.  Instead, what I
> see is that I can queue up a bunch of tuning calls, but they only kick
> in at a very slow rate (1 hz).  The effect is similar to when I used the
> native libs, where rtlsdr_set_center_freq  also took 1 s on the main thread.

I experienced the same maximum 1 hz tuning rate with rtl_tcp.

A quick look at the code shows a select() call in the command_worker
thread with a timeout set to 1s, but that doesn't explain the observed
behavior, because, as I understand select(), it should return as soon as
the UDP socket has data available (the timeout is used to allow the
thread to terminate when rtl_tcp shuts down). Nevertheless, my spidey
sense tells me this is the place to look...


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