[osmocom-analog] PBX sends PRACK during call progress which osmo-cc-sip-endpoint rejects

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Markus Stamm markus at stamm.nu
Sun Apr 25 16:39:28 UTC 2021

Hi Andreas:

>> can you try the attached patch? Just add the line as shown in the 
>> patch. It should allow "PRACK" messages and make the stack reply to 
>> them correctly.
> Thank you for this - the signalling should now work correctly, as the 
> call connects immediately once the internal extension 221 (against which 
> osmo-cc-sip-endpoint registers) is called. There is one issue remaining 
> - once connected, no audio is transmitted. I don't believe this is 
> related to this patch, though, as my Sipgate account continues working 
> normally with the patch applied. As I am testing this in an openSUSE VM, 
> I suspect it will be more of a firewall issue - or perhaps yet another 
> Auerswald issue. I will be looking into this in more detail a little 
> later today. I'm also attaching a SNGREP capture just in case this were 
> helpful. Thank you and

I've also created an Auerswald trace. The relevant IP addresses are for the PBX and for the VM. I'm noticing a few ICMP 
failures (destination host unreachable) which could be indicative of a 
firewall problem in the VM, but I'm not really sure this actually causes 
no audio to be transmitted. I'm glad for any indication as to what this 
could be caused by, and I'll continue investigating the firewall issue also.

Best regards,
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