[osmocom-analog] PBX sends PRACK during call progress which osmo-cc-sip-endpoint rejects

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Markus Stamm markus at stamm.nu
Sun Apr 25 16:25:48 UTC 2021

Hi Andreas:

> can you try the attached patch? Just add the line as shown in the patch. 
> It should allow "PRACK" messages and make the stack reply to them 
> correctly.

Thank you for this - the signalling should now work correctly, as the 
call connects immediately once the internal extension 221 (against which 
osmo-cc-sip-endpoint registers) is called. There is one issue remaining 
- once connected, no audio is transmitted. I don't believe this is 
related to this patch, though, as my Sipgate account continues working 
normally with the patch applied. As I am testing this in an openSUSE VM, 
I suspect it will be more of a firewall issue - or perhaps yet another 
Auerswald issue. I will be looking into this in more detail a little 
later today. I'm also attaching a SNGREP capture just in case this were 
helpful. Thank you and

best regards,
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