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 Hi Harald

 I will digest and respond more fully to all messages (received several today), but I wanted to shout out one thing now, in response to this comment that you made:


> I think the only one really fluent in that kind of topic would be
 > tnt/sylvain.

 Sylvain is one of the folks to whom we owe a debt, he blazed a good bit of the trail for us in the (de)interleave code in ysf:

 $ grep -r Sylvain .
./op25/gr-op25_repeater/apps/tx/doc.html:Too many to list; thanks to Matt Ames, Pavel Yazev, Jonathan Naylor, unknown author(s) of DSD (DSDAuthor), Mathias Weyland, Sylvain Munaut; undoubtedly others.
./op25/gr-op25_repeater/lib/ysf_const.h:// I hold Sylvain Munaut in high esteem for figuring this out.



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