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Hi Matt,

On Tue, May 08, 2018 at 10:25:54AM +1000, Matt Ames matt.ames7bc at gmail.com [op25-dev] wrote:

> Since Yahoo is now holding us back from being properly "open" with the
> mailing lists, I too am in favour of a migration to an lists.osmocom.org
> mailing list. 

Seems like you indeed have a very good reason to migrate away.

> If there is any way we can migrate the entire message history
> from Yahoo into an osmocom list, that would be great too, but of course
> it's not totally necessary.

The history 2012 through present (while I've been subscribed) is already imported:

Admittedly, the pipermail web interface is pretty abysimal, but once we update
to mailman3, we will get hyperkitty and a much nicer user interface, also for
the old archives.

If anyone has mbox/maildir format archives from 2008 to 2012, I'm happy to
import them into this archive, too.  Feel free contact me off-list about this.

> "Max" branch - This is a problem that we have spoken about previously and
> didn't find a solution for. Ideally, I think that new features and code
> should end up in the mater branch on the osmocom git repo. This way, it's
> in a single place, it's obvious what it's there for (master being the main
> central repo) and there's no confusion. I think we would need two things -
> away we can add developers ssh keys to the osmocom git repo, and also a way
> to have a pull request type feature where other developers can submit their
> code, and have say, Max, or someone look at the changes and them merge them
> in. 

This is what we use gerrit for in other osmocom projects, see

gerrit was (I believe) originally developed by the Google Android folks for
code review / merging in their Android OS development universe, but has meanwhile
been used by many other projects.  For example, Wireshark is also using it,
see code.wireshark.org.

In order to use gerrit, we have to change the configuration of your git.osmocom.org
repository, so that:
* [only] gerrit will push to git.osmocom.org
* all developers need to push their changes to gerrit.osmocom.org,
  the setup is described at http://osmocom.org/projects/cellular-infrastructure/wiki/Gerrit

The nice part about gerrit is that it will manage
* subsequent updates / versions of patch sets
* structured way for anyone to comment on changes and provide feedback
* maintaners have the magic "+2" permission that makes a change eligible for merge
* integration with build-testing / continuous integration (https://jenkins.osmocom.org/)
  to make sure only patches that build will be merged.

Literally anyone in the general public can register an account on
gerrit.osmocom.org and start to push changes to gerrit, so there's no
"manual adding SSH keys" or "manual creation of accounts" required.
Still, the setup with the Change-ID pre-commit hook (see the page above)
is something that must be done once by every contributor.

If you don't like gerrit, we can also think of alternatives.  If you want to go
for github, you can also do that, we'd then simply set up git.osmocom.org to mirror
the github repo.  I personally have a certain dislike/distrust against proprietary
software-as-a-service operators, and prefer to be self-hosting.  But then, my
choice shouldn't restrict what you guys in OP25 would want to do

> * Lastly - are there any IRC channels that we could contribute to? 

A number of people from the other osmocom sister projects hang out on
#osmocom on freenode.net.

> Or any other forums for this type of thing that might help us communicate the
> project status better? It sounds like this is really where we're falling
> down, as I know for a fact that the features and abilities of OP25 are some
> of the best available - for example the QPSK receiver works just as well as
> a commercial P25 radio, and it absolutely kills any commercial P25 scanner.

>From my experience, conference talks/slides/videos also help a lot in
spreading knowledge.  So it may make sense to present about your work at
some conference where it's on-topic, like OsmoDevCon, grcon, or any HAM
radio related event?

Keeping the wiki updated is also important.  The public mailing list
also will help people to see that there's activity going on.  You could
blog about your progress (We can aggregate that on planet.osmocom.org).
You could use the "News" feature of the redmine project to post updates,

> Oh, also, yes the OP25 core contributors are spread out all around the
> globe - unfortunately getting to Europe is a little tricky!

Sure, I know we're not the center of the world, even though many maps
are drawn that way ;)

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