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Tue Jul 4 17:30:08 UTC 2017

looking into the "invalid sample rate" issue, from your screen print we see
"Invalid sample rate: 320000 Hz"

it initially appears to be coming from this code in src/librtlsdr.c:
        /* check if the rate is supported by the resampler */
        if ((samp_rate <= 225000) || (samp_rate > 3200000) ||
           ((samp_rate > 300000) && (samp_rate <= 900000))) {
                fprintf(stderr, "Invalid sample rate: %u Hz\n", samp_rate);
                return -EINVAL;

which simply indicates that 320,000 isn't allowed.  

In your command you had -s 1000000 - it's easy to miss (I missed several times) but in OP25 the "S" needs to be capitalized!!!!!

Also, to eliminate OP25, you can retry using the CLI program "osmocom_fft -s 1000000".  It should be possible to get at least as far as the spectrum showing reception of the trunk CC....   

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