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Mon Jul 3 21:56:43 UTC 2017

I have a question about rx.py.  I run it with:
./rx.py --args 'rtl' -N LNA:49 -f 772.63125e6 -S 2560000 -q 0 -V -T trunk.tsv 2>stderr.1
tail -F stderr.1
(by the way it would be great it this would output to the screen better)

All I ever see is: NAC 0x4a1 WACN 0x1 SYSID 0x1 0.000000/0.000000 tskbs 3

Frequency: 772.631250

It it safe to assume when there is traffic on the system, I should be seeing more on that screen?  Or at least that it sees the WACN, etc?
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