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Fri Jun 9 15:37:16 UTC 2017

ok the console window indicates you're receiving on a NAC of 0x343 whereas the traffic tab shows a NAC of 0x25A.  (with respect to these two NACs, your trunk.tsv is totally daft).  This is certainly one problem.  At the stage you're at you should forego the trunk TSV and use manual mode until the trunk CC is properly acquired.

Separately the datascope indicates a very strong LSM signal (i.e., not C4FM), so you'll need to use the constellation tab for normal ops.  If you stay on the datascope tab it will (incorrectly) use the C4FM demod, this is a legacy of scope.py.   Based on that constellation any attempt to use C4FM will fail miserably, it's pretty nasty and a really good example of why C4FM demods won't work well on LSM.

 One other thing is that your datacscope tab isn't centered vertically, it suggests the tuning is slightly below where it should be tuned.  This can be adjusted using the -q parameter and fine tuned using the slider...

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