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Fri Jun 9 15:55:26 UTC 2017

Thanks much.  I think I was confusing (or was confused by) the way the 
Radio Reference database provided the site information.  The statewide 
network number is 0x343, but there's also an individual site ID (0x25A). 
  I mistakenly took the site ID as the NAC.  Easy to fix.

You're talking about LSM, which I don't recognize.  The modulation 
options appear to be C4FM and CQPSK.  I assume that LSM == CQPSK?

I'll play around with these suggestions later today.  Thanks!


On 06/09/2017 11:37 AM, ikj1234i at yahoo.com [op25-dev] wrote:
> ok the console window indicates you're receiving on a NAC of 0x343 
> whereas the traffic tab shows a NAC of 0x25A.  (with respect to these 
> two NACs, your trunk.tsv is totally daft).  This is certainly one 
> problem.  At the stage you're at you should forego the trunk TSV and use 
> manual mode until the trunk CC is properly acquired.
> Separately the datascope indicates a very strong LSM signal (i.e., not 
> C4FM), so you'll need to use the constellation tab for normal ops.  If 
> you stay on the datascope tab it will (incorrectly) use the C4FM demod, 
> this is a legacy of scope.py.   Based on that constellation any attempt 
> to use C4FM will fail miserably, it's pretty nasty and a really good 
> example of why C4FM demods won't work well on LSM.
>   One other thing is that your datacscope tab isn't centered vertically, 
> it suggests the tuning is slightly below where it should be tuned.  This 
> can be adjusted using the -q pa rameter and fine tuned using the slider...
> Max
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