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Tue Feb 28 15:47:15 UTC 2017

Any advice or hints on getting scope.py tuned and then to stay tuned?
(I'm trying to listen to New Jersey Interoperability Communications
System -- P25 Phase II -- in case it matters.)

When I first played with op25 a few months ago, I stuck it on a spare
computer with a NooElec SDR dongle.  Took a little futzing but I had it
up and running in a day or so and it actually stayed working perfectly
for close to 6 weeks.  But this was just a test so that computer wasn't
on a UPS and shut down during a power failure.

Same hardware and I haven't been able to get it to stay tuned for more
than a few hours since.  Figured maybe it was just the SDR dongle
drifting so I bought a RTL-SDR dongle which is supposed to drift less
but I'm still having problems getting the system to tune for more than
30 minutes or so.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


Apu <apu at spfld.com>

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