[op25-dev] No scope.py with new install

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Sat Jan 17 23:55:52 UTC 2015

I think I ran into the same problem in the past. They turned out to be in a
completely different location. It's definitely there somewhere,  just have
to find it. I think the .py files were inside a 'repeater' folder. Sorry
for the limited help, I'm nowhere near a computer.

Ryan kc9gmy
On Jan 17, 2015 5:52 PM, "Brett Friermood brett.friermood at gmail.com
[op25-dev]" <op25-dev at yahoogroups.com> wrote:

> Good evening everyone. I seem be having an issue with installing OP25.
> After installing via pybombs, scope.py as well as the rest of the
> scripts are missing.
> This is actually the second time installing on this computer. I first
> began with a clean install from a live CD of Debian 6. Via apt-get I
> upgraded to Debian 7, and eventually to debian-testing to resolve a
> dependency issue with libboost. All packages eventually installed then
> the install built op25. The only contents of ~/pybombs/src were 'uhd'
> and 'wxpython'.
> Trying again, I deleted the pybombs and target directories from /home
> and cloned pybombs again. I ran pybombs install and since all the
> packages were already installed it quickly went to building op25.
> Again after several hours most things are still missing. There were no
> errors during the build and a quick search of 'op25' and 'gnuradio'
> only find the .lwr files in the recipes directory, no directories
> anywhere. Also nothing in the syslog other than the hourly cron runs.
> The only thing I can possibly think of that might be related is that
> currently this machine is command line only. Unless I'm missing
> something I believe I should be able to build and even run certain
> parts of op25 without a GUI.
> This is the first time with this computer, but I've built and ran op25
> before on another one. The funny thing is that there are no errors
> anywhere I look.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Brett KQ9N
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