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ikj1234i ikj1234i at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 4 15:34:56 UTC 2013

OK, don't know what we could be doing different in a radical enough way to blast through this - other than to work patiently on the issues, one at a time until there is progress.  I'm very glad to see that you haven't just given up.  We probably would not be successful to attempt to put out a "binary" release of anything either, for the same basic reasons you've already listed.

I run asterisk on a centos-5 system and run gnu radio on various versions if ubuntu 10 and 11.  It may simplify things to separate the two packages and there is certainly no need to shoehorn everything into a single machine/OS version.  The asterisk component is designed to communicate with the gnu radio components via UDP whether they're running in the same machine or not.  In general the repeater stuff tries to follow this rule, mostly successfully.

> I tried several versions of CentOS 5.x , and all result in various modules
> being of incorrect versions available or would not compile.  I 

which modules ?

tried CentOS
> 6.x and got closer but failed to compile Zaptel for the reasons stated
> above.
>                 So if the intent is to allow us to build over a wide array
> of OS's I can say that Isn't going happen. The modules are so critical that

which modules ?

> have been used that I have yet to find a version that will build.
> So unless someone wants to give some specifics in versions of OS that are
> currently running asterisk as well as op25 as well as GNURadio, I have been
> thus far unable to find a combination that supports all of them. 
>                 I tried starting with Allstar and with XiPar and neither has
> support for GUI nor was I able to get a GUI to run, apparently that process

As previously mentioned, it might be easier to start with the CLI version. I don't know if the app_rpt stuff even uses the GUI.  There may be no benefit to having a GUI, not sure.

> that maybe tell us what version is in use so we
> can get Zaptel to compile??? If that part fails, the rest is moot. Without
> Asterisk running the repeater part is dead. 

Yeah asterisk is a beast but it really shouldn't be THAT hard to compile.  Zaptel is necessary due to the "dummy" zap channel support that's used internally.  In addition this list isn't necessarily the right forum for problems compiling asterisk and/or app_rpt - but the problems might be trivial, so it wouldn't hurt to at least post a few more details here....

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