[op25-dev] Repeater Build attempts

Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Mon Mar 4 13:45:08 UTC 2013

Well it looks like in order to build this I am going to need a little more
input from anyone who has succeeded. Every attempt with every OS I have
tried has failed at some point due to lack of direct support for some
modules and or failures to compile to outright incompatibility.

Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS got me the closest however when attempting to compile
Zaptel, the compile fails with errors which googling them results in
commentary that the Kernel is too new so I will need an older Kernel in
Debian or Ubuntu. How old??? Good question. as all the notes in Allstar's
build indicate CentOS 5.x  is supported, nothing newer.. that does not help
me much in the debian world.


I tried several versions of CentOS 5.x , and all result in various modules
being of incorrect versions available or would not compile.  I tried CentOS
6.x and got closer but failed to compile Zaptel for the reasons stated

                So if the intent is to allow us to build over a wide array
of OS's I can say that Isn't going happen. The modules are so critical that
have been used that I have yet to find a version that will build.

So unless someone wants to give some specifics in versions of OS that are
currently running asterisk as well as op25 as well as GNURadio, I have been
thus far unable to find a combination that supports all of them. 

                I tried starting with Allstar and with XiPar and neither has
support for GUI nor was I able to get a GUI to run, apparently that process
eludes me and my limited research to get it running as well as patience.

                I would say with the current state of the docs, at best
Linux experts seem to be the only group of builders that are going to be
able to step through the minefield of a build. I am not criticizing the
docs, I understand they are written to be generic in many ways, but the
build requirements are far from generic in OS/Kernel requirements to get it

                While I am maybe a power user of Linux, I am not a
developer. so I may be above my knowledge base attempting the build. I own
and operate a dozen or so linux box's in my life including VMWare
virtualization on CentOS at work. I thought the instructions looked do-able
for my skillset. 


                I do not mean to criticize as much as suggest a little more
documentation on OS baseline starting points are in order.. As Debian and
Ubuntu seem to build best, that maybe tell us what version is in use so we
can get Zaptel to compile??? If that part fails, the rest is moot. Without
Asterisk running the repeater part is dead. 





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