LimeSDR output power during GSM set up

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Adrian Musceac kantooon at
Fri Dec 4 07:42:20 UTC 2020

No, AFAIK that value is the attenuation in the PGA stage, with 0 being no attenuation. You will need to measure the output power at the required frequency  yourself, these devices are not precision calibrated.
Depending on frequency, the Lime boards can output as high as 15 dBm CW with 6-9 dBm being the medium value across the whole supported spectrum.


On December 3, 2020 9:04:22 PM UTC, Mario Lucas <mariolucas75 at> wrote:
>Dear forum,
>I am setting / running GSM network with LimeSdr and Osmo-packgaes:
>and as i understand the only option to vary / set up output power is
>through the → osmo-bsc →
>trx 0
>   nominal power 23
>   ! to use full TRX power, set max_power_red 0
>   max_power_red 20
>So does this mean that 23-20=3 dbm?
>With this set up i instruct LimeSDRmini to transmit 3dbm signal into
>the air?  If so — when i brought phone just into the very vicinity of
>LimeSDR antena (touching phone and SDR antena) on my smartphone screen
>i got signal -60 dbm …why did i get such a low figure ?
>Also if you know is there any supporting application / software that
>can tell at what dBm LimeSDRmini is sending RF into air?
>Mario Lucas
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