LimeSDR output power during GSM set up

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Mario Lucas mariolucas75 at
Thu Dec 3 21:04:22 UTC 2020

Dear forum,
I am setting / running GSM network with LimeSdr and Osmo-packgaes:
and as i understand the only option to vary / set up output power is through the → osmo-bsc →
trx 0
   nominal power 23
   ! to use full TRX power, set max_power_red 0
   max_power_red 20
So does this mean that 23-20=3 dbm?
With this set up i instruct LimeSDRmini to transmit 3dbm signal into the air?  If so — when i brought phone just into the very vicinity of LimeSDR antena (touching phone and SDR antena) on my smartphone screen i got signal -60 dbm …why did i get such a low figure ?
Also if you know is there any supporting application / software that can tell at what dBm LimeSDRmini is sending RF into air?
Mario Lucas
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