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Tomcsányi, Domonkos domi at tomcsanyi.net
Tue Oct 15 16:54:29 UTC 2019

Looking at the error message it seems to me that you don’t have autoreconf installed. Please install it, and then retry.


> 2019. okt. 15. dátummal, 18:40 időpontban Fitsum J <temu345 at gmail.com> írta:
> I am installing OsmocomBB SDR PHY on ubunt 18.04 and i have installedosmo-TRX, UHD Driver, Gr-gsm and Gnuradio from ubuntu package manager.
> but when i try to compile osmocomBB with TRX interface i got this problem: on make 
> cd host/layer23 && autoreconf -i
> /bin/sh: 1: autoreconf: not found
> Makefile:91: recipe for target 'host/layer23/configure' failed
> make: *** [host/layer23/configure] Error 127
> Thank you for your time!!!1
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