Tone on this mailing list (Re: Free board offer to OBB developer with a CMU200)

Harald Welte laforge at
Sun Apr 7 18:25:04 UTC 2019

Dear Mychaela,

I'm a bit upset by the tone of your message.  This mailing list is for
discussing open source mobile communications (specifically, in this case,
on the phone/UE side).  Anyone is welcome to share their views, but there
is no competition here.

I'm very impressed by your achievements with FreeCalypso, and I'm happy
you are participating our discussions here and staying in touch with
Osmocom, as well as helping it along [despite of what I feel is a
somewhat difficult relationship for you].  However, having achieved a lot in
this field yourself doesn't give you the right to intimidate or bully
other members on this mailing list.

So I would kindly request you to show respect to every hacker who is
working in this field, no matter where they are with their project,
and no matter what their "track record of achievements" may look like
so far.

Particularly we, the people with lots of experience and achievement in this
field, need to nurture and encourage others, rather than intimidate them.

I see the following part of your message as problematic:

On Sat, Apr 06, 2019 at 01:14:55PM -0800, Mychaela Falconia wrote:
> Now please present your story (meaning Craig) - how long have you been
> actively working toward your respective goal?  What do you have to
> show so far?
> [...]
> Just trying to see if you have anything real and tangible to show for
> your idea of OBB on MTK, that's all...

Nobody is accountable to you and has to provide you with a record of
how long they have worked on something or what they have achieved.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to share what they're doing, but
that's completely voluntary and up to them to disclose.

No volunteer working on a FOSS project in their spare time is required
to achieve anything [beyond what they have as goals themselves].

Craig has been determined for many years and has been working on this on
and off, as I understand.  The mere fact that given such a huge and
difficult task he hasn't given up yet is a very positive surprise :)

So please let's try to be more positive and encouraging, and help others
trying to venture into the area of reverse engineering cellular baseband
processors.  We need more of them, not less :)

Thanks for your kind understanding.  I hope we can avoid any further
discussion on this topic and return to investing all our time into
improving open/free cellular technology.

Best Regards,
- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
"Privacy in residential applications is a desirable marketing option."
                                                  (ETSI EN 300 175-7 Ch. A6)

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