Free board offer to OBB developer with a CMU200

Felix Domke tmbinc at
Mon Apr 1 15:29:58 UTC 2019


> radio transmissions into compliance.  The offer is: if there is anyone
> in this so-called "community" who (a) has a CMU200 instrument or is
> willing to invest into buying one and getting it properly calibrated,
> and (b) is willing to do the major work of bringing OBB's radio
> transmissions into compliance as verified with that CMU200 instrument,
> then I am willing to send that person a fully tested, fully working
> and properly calibrated FCDEV3B GSM MS board free of cost.
Let me augment/complement this offer (independently):

I will borrow out - free of charge - a R+S CRTU-RU to anyone(*) who is
willing to use this to improve OsmocomBB, _and has shown_ the ability to
do so (for example with a non-trivial commit to OsmocomBB). I'll
handle+pay EU-wide shipping (for anything else you would have to handle
shipping yourself).

The CRTU-RU is a specialized variant of the CMU200 that uses the same RF
architecture as the CMU200, has the same non-signalling baseband
hardware, but uses different "Signalling Units". This means you can
still use all the GSM non-signalling tests as the CMU200, for example
you can modulate the GSM training sequences and various test sequences,
and validate that the received spectrum is within-limits etc.

You cannot use the ordinary CMU200 signalling test (where the
CRTU-RU/CMU generates valid BCCH/TCH); instead the CRTU-RU offers a
_large_ selection of (an implementation of the) official (3GPP) GSM
protocol test cases, which are executed in a Windows 2000-based

The CRTU-RUs have been pulled out of Nokia's development labs back in
2014/2015 (when they were auctioned off), and I carefully scraped the
software packages of the various CRTU-RUs in my possession. (I have the
original hardlock dongles, and I was assured by R+S that by the
possession of the Dongle the license was properly transferred.)

These tests implement the 3GPP required tests, and are typically used
for conformance testing. If we'd survive these tests without failures,
there's a good chance we wouldn't disturb public networks, and there's
the remote chance we'd survive proper conformance testing. OsmocomBB
fails almost any of these tests for various - sometimes simple,
sometimes more complicated - reasons. I've started with a few low
hanging fruits (for example: requires handling T200
correctly, which we don't - this causes us to send the SABM retry too
late, so we fail the test), but quickly gave up because - honestly - I'm
not capable enough to do this as a side project.

The tests all come with source code.

If someone is interested in this, please contact me off-list. Bonus
points if you're interested in setting this up in an automated fashion
that lets us test OsmocomBB builds automatically and generate a report
for each commit.


The full list of test packs I have is this:

AP2PWS-3.61, AP2PWS-3.80, CRTKEGS-900-2.00, CRTKEGS-900-3.10,
CRTKEGS-900-3.20, CRTKLU1-3.00, CRTKLU1-3.10, CRTKSS1-2.30,
CRTKSS1-2.40, CRTKSS2-1.90, CRTKSS2-2.00, CRTKSS3-1.80, CRTKSS3-1.90,
CRTKSS5-2.00, CRTKSS5-2.10, CRTKSS6-1.80, CRTKSS6-1.90, CRTKSS6-1.91,
CRTPK1-3.20, CRTPK1-3.30, CRTPK1-3.40, CRTPK2-3.20, CRTPK2-3.30,
CRTPK3-3.40, CRTPK3-3.41, CRTPK3-3.42, CRTPK4-3.50, CRTPK4-3.51,
CRTPK4-3.60, CRTPK51-900-2.20, CRTPK51-900-2.21, CRTPK6-3.10,
CRTPK6-3.20, CRTPK61-1800-2.21, CRTPK71-1900-2.21, CRTPK71-850-2.21,
CRTPK8-3.30, CRTPK9-3.30, CRTPK9-3.40, CRTUGC02-2.30, CRTUGC02-2.40,
CRTUGC02-2.50, CRTUGC03-2.00, CRTUGC03-2.10, CRTUGC04-1.80,
CRTUGC04-1.81, CRTUGC05-1.90, CRTUGC05-2.00, CRTUGC05-2.10,
CRTUGC06-1.80, CRTUGC06-1.90, CRTUGC07-1.90, CRTUGC07-2.00,
CRTUGC08-1.60, CRTUGC08-1.90, CRTUGC08-1.91, CRTUGC09-4.30,
CRTUGC09-4.40, CRTUGC18-4.70, CRTUGC18-4.80, CRTUGC19-2.10,
CRTUGC20-1.90, CRTUGC23-1.40, CRTUGC23-1.71, CRTUGC23-1.80,
CRTUGC23-1.90, CRTUGC28-1.40, CRTUGC29-1.53, CRTUGC29-1.60,
CRTUGC31-4.50, CRTUGC31-4.60, CRTUGC32-4.40, CRTUGC32-4.50,
CRTUGC33-4.60, CRTUGC33-4.61, CRTUGC34-4.80, CRTUGC34-4.90,
CRTUGC35-4.70, CRTUGC35-4.71, CRTUGC36-4.50, CRTUGC36-4.60,
CRTUGC37-4.50, CRTUGC37-4.60, CRTUGC38-4.40, CRTUGC38-4.50,
CRTUGC41-4.70, CRTUGC41-4.80, CRTUGC61-4.50, CRTUGC61-4.60,
CRTUGC62-4.40, CRTUGC62-4.50, CRTUGC63-4.40, CRTUGC63-4.50,
CRTUGC64-4.10, CRTUGC64-4.60, CRTUGC64-4.70, CRTUGC65-4.50,
CRTUGC65-4.60, CRTUGC68-4.50, CRTUGC68-4.60, CRTUGC69-4.70,
CRTUGC69-4.80, CRTUGC69-4.90, CRTUGC70-4.60, CRTUGC70-4.61,
CRTUGC71-4.40, CRTUGC71-4.50, CRTUGC72-4.60, CRTUGC72-4.70,
CRTUGC72-4.71, CRTUGC73-4.10, CRTUGC73-4.60, CRTUGC73-4.61,
CRTUGC74-4.40, CRTUGC74-4.50, CRTUGC75-4.60, CRTUGC75-4.70,
CRTUGC76-4.50, CRTUGC76-4.60, CRTUGC77-4.61, CRTUGC77-4.70,
CRTUGC77-4.80, CRTUGC78-4.60, CRTUGC78-4.61, CRTUGC78-4.70,
CRTUGC79-4.50, CRTUGC79-4.60, CRTUGC80-4.40, CRTUGC80-4.50,
CRTUGC81-4.51, CRTUGC81-4.60, CRTUGC82-4.30, CRTUGC82-4.40,
CRTUGC84-4.70, CRTUGC84-4.71, CRTUGC85-4.60, CRTUGC85-4.70,
CRTUGC86-4.50, CRTUGC86-4.60, CRTUGC87-4.50, CRTUGC87-4.60,
CRTUGC88-4.60, CRTUGC88-4.70, CRTUGC89-4.60, CRTUGC90-4.70,
CRTUGC90-4.71, CRTUGC90-4.72, CRTUGC91-4.40, CRTUGC91-4.50, CUGC01-2.02,
CUGC01-2.10, CUGC01-2.11, CUGC01-2.20, nmp51.010_07wk49, nmp_rel4.07wk49

(*) No guarantees. I'll reserve the right to say "no" for random reasons.

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